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45 Compton Close
London, NW1 3QS


+44 (0) 7814808952

About Naming Rights
There are single-artist exhibitions and events. There are no private views. It is privately funded and runs on a shoestring. It is not for profit. Local artists and international artists are in the programme. In the words of Phyllida Barlow, “It is a nothing space” …where doubt and permeability are fostered. The materials of each event or exhibition accrue to the next.

Founded in 2015, is located in a culturally diverse public housing estate in Central London. Specific object-based and procedural conditions are intended to bring economic and aesthetic contradictions materially to bear on the art and its constituents.

Advisory Board: François Chantala, Melissa Gronlund and Alex Sainsbury
Founder: Dustin Ericksen